Why Sensual Massage is so pleasurable

I’ve been in sensual massage business for many years, never thought about the essense of this kind of massages. I had a business trip to Sydney last week, and I have exprienced a nice nude massage with Secret massage in Sydney , quite enjoyable and when I enjoy the service this question just came into my mind: Why Sensual Massage is so pleasurable? Is that just because sexual energy or there is something else? Few experiences pierce the deepest recesses of your senses as intensely as the sensual, satiating warmth of a goddess’ body caressing yours.

Every hair on the back of your neck stands firm, electrified by the sensation. Every pigment stirs with excitement, trembling as it surrenders to total satisfaction. Even the most talkative are silenced in an instant.

Why so pleasurable – how can mere touch penetrate the recesses of your nerves, find the buttons buried deep within them and press them with such force that they release a wave of satisfaction that threatens to overwhelm you?

Perhaps it is the sheer openness of the celestial creature leaning over you, her inhibitions cast aside as she reveals a naked, flawless bosom, the epitome of excellence at its most seductively vulnerable. A primitive instinct calmed and tamed. But it is not calm alone you seek, but excitement, and it is not vulnerability you receive, but dominance. For this specimen of seduction that rolls so sensuously over you is not a defenceless soul but a powerful deity, driven by unbridled trust, guided by a knowledge of your body that you could only wish to attain. When commanding authority meets breathtaking bliss, all you have to do is submit to her will and the key to infinite pleasure is in your hands.

So wear your self-consciousness lightly, for all shyness and reticence have a shelf-life that will soon end. All anxiety, all stress, all the burdens of modern life are merely natural reactions, as expendable and temporary as any passing thought. The firm touch of a woman’s hands – which you are now eagerly imagining – sends feelings of companionship and comfort through your veins. For all the pleasure she gives, she will take away just as much fear and let it disintegrate before your very eyes.

The benefits of naked touch? Don’t ask, experience. Let sensual massage help the world melt away, leaving nothing but heaven in its wake.

The traditional Oriental + Tantra + The complete body to body exercise + The Art of the sensual.

= The erotic experience with the enchantment of Tantra and Taoist secrets.

A Concept Beyond The Extraordinary...from only £100 per Hour.

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