Sensual, Nuru & Tantra massage North London

Looking for a Nice sensual massage experience in North London area? The sexy massage girls in Anne’s tantric providing unparalleled sensual, nuru, erotic tantric massage service in North part of London. Our London Tantric massage, is soothing, yet very tactile, it helps to connect the mind and body to relax in unity, and create peace, serenity within, whilst receiving inviting, sensual massage sensations, that gently tease and give immence pleasure.

north London tantric massage
north London tantric massage

It is important to have a qualified masseuse, who is tune with a quality touch, here we are all fully trained in the fine art of this delightfull touch therapy, that releases waves of endorphins, -these are natural painkillers that our bodies release whilst been massaged.

We are not rushing, as the purpose is to arouse the Kundalini sexual energy, slowly and in a natural way to you personally, the session includes the lingam been massaged, lingam is the sanskrit word for penis,

Lots of playfull teasing, all around the erogenous areas, legs, inner thighs, scrotum, and all the delightfull things in between!

FAQs About Tantric Massage in North London

How to define North London?

view of North London
view of North London

Answer: Generally speaking, the districts north of the River Thames are known as North London.

Is Outcall massage available for north London

Answer: Yes, we provide both outcall massage as well as incall sensual massage in north London districts.

Is happy ending included in your tantric massage sessions?

Answer: Yes, you will surely get one or more happy ending during the massage.

How to book your massage?

Please contact us by phone or email, let us know your request, we are happy to see you and provide the seventh heaven London massage experience to you.

Let our sexy masseuse guide you through the fantastic massage…

My North London Erotic Massage

I can either be fully nude, or if you prefer in sensual nice lingerie, if I’m naked, I will use my breasts and body to stroke your body, known as body to body massage,

Many feelings will arise to the surface, and my intention is to give you sensual and erotic sensations throughout your body for as long as you can extend to, by this we can be playfull, and practice, other erotic massage techniques, such as yoni, prostate, nuru sliding, or the full oily sliding, its sheer bliss.

The atmosphere will be Romantic, candlelight and if course private so you can relax, while low lights and soft music set the scene.

During tantric session, optional if you wanted to massage me, we can swop roles, and I will show you, how to return the sensual touch, ladies always prefer gentle soothing caressing.

If you feel too excited, we slow down a little and extend and delay by using the breathing tecniques, it helps you to release physical tension, and relax you out of your orgasm, so we get a little closer each time, but not finish, till your absolutely ready to sense the real power and Tantric orgasms can be at times pretty intense !

As your body reaches and surges through these high voltage peaks of sheer excitement and ecstasy.

Im not exagerating, your body will succomb to these full body senses that the sexual built up rises, to beautifull peaks!

You will not have experienced anything like it, as it has to be orchestrated by one of our well trained delightfull masseuses, do take a look our gallery to see a selection and find who is best suited to you, if your unsure, you can always ask and I can guide you as to who could be most suited.


If you are trying to find the best massage service in north London, look no further, Anne’s tantric London is here for you. The Tantric Massage takes place in Marylebone very near the tube station, about 5 minutes away, so if your travelling, you can drop by for a relaxing and uplifting encounter to revive your energy.

When you arrive you may take a shower and then we will pamper you so that you can forget your troubles and let go of todays stresses.

Our bodies carry imprints of our worries, our muscles get tight, and we feel tense, some get tension headaches, or aches and pains, improving the circulation and lowering blood pressure is one of the benefits we can gain from just the simple touch hands on therapy, remember to relax your body is very healing, its this part of us that needs to let go.

Tantra helps us get in touch with both, but also connects us deeper, so we feel whole again, and more connected to mind body and soul.

When we relax our bodies, healing on many levels, takes place. Increase of feel good hormones flood our bodies, making us feel vital and alive !

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The traditional Oriental + Tantra + The complete body to body exercise + The Art of the sensual.

= The erotic experience with the enchantment of Tantra and Taoist secrets.

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