Orgasm in Massage

Tantric massage. It’s good for the soul, the body, and the mind. It leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, as well as full of positive energy. The goal of a tantric massage is to awaken and unblock energy in the body, to get it flowing throughout the body. One type of energy that a tantric massage focuses on is sexual energy. Since sexual energy is freely flowing throughout the body, the only natural response to all of this free flowing, unblocked energy is an orgasm. While an orgasm is not the main outcome of a tantric massage, they happen and are known to be some of the best, whole body, orgasms a person can have.

Orgasm in The Massage

A tantric massage starts off as a whole body massage. Your goddess is young and attractive. Usually both the client and the masseuse are scantly clad, with the least amount of clothing as possible. There is soothing, low volume music playing, comfortable beds and towels to lay on, along with being in a warm, but not overly hot room. The masseuse uses a warm to the touch, body oil and warm towels, while gently, but deeply, massaging your body. The massage goes from head to toe, including the genitals, creating the perfect scenario for a full body orgasm.

Man Orgasm with Massage

While an orgasm is not the purpose of a tantric massage, it can happen during any point of a tantric massage session. Most tantric massage sessions can anywhere between one and three hours at average, however, they can be shorter and can be longer, all depending on personal needs and wants.  Since the amount of time for a tantric massage can vary, a person can have more than one full body orgasm in one session, although not common, but, it is all quite possible.

Like mentioned above, a full body orgasm can very much happen during a tantric massage. A full body orgasm is different than most orgasms people are used to. Most people are accustomed to a localized, purely sexual orgasm. While that can happen during some sensual massages, that is not the case for most people who have tantric massage orgasms. A tantric massage orgasm is full body, and comes from most from energy, rather than touch. As the masseuse opens up pathways within the body, the energy within us, begins to move more freely, which clears the mind and body, which ultimately helps people completely relax. That relaxed state, along with the intimate touch of the massage, produces a very powerful orgasm. This orgasm looks similar to a physical orgasm, but it is brought upon in a different manner.  However, just because this type of orgasm is different, it still feels the same, maybe even a little bit better, than a typical orgasm that people are used to having.

A tantric massage is special, sensual, and not only helps people relax, it also helps with sexual stamina, opening up energy pathways, and producing better orgasms. Tantric massages should be had by everyone looking to explore a more intimate side of themselves. Even if an orgasm is not had, a tantric massage will be worth the time.

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