Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is tantra?

A: This question has a different answer for every person. Some say tantra is the conscious study and application of sexuality. Some call it an ancient set of religious practices. Others consider it a method of gaining knowledge about the self and improving personal power to happiness. For Anne’s complete answer to the question, click here: What is Tantra?

Q: Why should one participate in tantra? What can tantra offer me?

A: Tantra provides an experiential (as opposed to a theoretical) model for gaining insight about the self, the other, emotion, life, and sexuality. For an article about Anne about this question, click here: Why Tantra?

Q: I don’t have much experience with tantra. What happens at a tantra workshop?

A: At London Tantric Massage workshops, you have the opportunity to learn not through listening to lectures or reading, but by experiencing the dance of your energy and consciousness. To do this, sometimes you dance, sometimes you sit peacefully and meditate. Sometimes you scream and shout. Energy has many forms, none of which are “good or bad” of themselves. Tantra is about exploring many forms so you can choose the ones you wish to integrate into your life.

Q: Do I have to take my clothes off?

A: Generally, no nudity is expected or occurs during any of Anne’s introductory workshops. In deeper work, a general innocence about and connection and understanding to the body is fostered and this can mean that certain exercises can more directly connect to the body and sexuality.

Q: I don’t want to work with any weirdos. Is this a safe space for me?

A: Anne works to keep the space safe for everyone. Every exercise is explained in detail in advance. If any exercise makes you uncomfortable in any way, you are not only allowed, but encouraged and expected to speak up, ask questions or express your concerns so that you can fully benefit from the exercise and the workshop. That said, sometimes viewing yourself through the mirror of those to whom you have especially negative feelings initially can provide you with deep healing and understanding.

Q: I just got out of a bad relationship and have a lot of anger/fear/sadness relating to the opposite sex. Is it a good idea for me to participate?

A: Tantra teaches that what happens to you has its source in you. In tantra, you can see how your life patterns and experiences of today are often connected to such key experiences as your birth, your childhood, and your relationship to your parents. If these were traumatic and unhealed, tantra can assist you in understanding and processing these experiences and moving forward with responsibility in your life so that you can create the life you truly desire and deserve.

Q: I am very sensitive about my body. Will anyone be touching me?

A: Tantric Massage involves touch and the body, so some elements of massage or playful touch are parts of some exercises. However, “there are no victims in tantra” as Anne always says. So, your boundaries will never be violated as long as you can stand for yourself by speaking out your feelings and truth if something makes you feel uncomfortable.

Q: I’m no good at sitting in the lotus position, on the floor, or have other physical issues. Can I still participate?

A: Physical limitations are generally not an issue for general participation in tantra. We can make arrangements to almost any special needs. Contact us via mail or phone before registering and we can speak in detail about your needs.

Q: I was sexually, physically, or emotionally abused. OR I am very uncomfortable with my sexuality OR I am not sure about my own feelings, responses, and desires. Should I still participate?

A: London tantric massage is about healing your relationship to yourself, your sexuality, and your body. It can be a very useful adjunct to therapy for life experiences and issues. If you are currently seeing a professional therapist, or undergoing medical treatment for mental or emotional issues, discuss participation in the workshop with your trusted therapist and with Anne before registering.

Q: I have special dietary/lodging requirements. Can these be addressed?

A: In all but the most extreme of cases, of course. Contact us to discuss these.

Q: Who qualifies for the concessionary rate?

A: Students, single parents, people with low incomes and those who feel for any reason as if they would like to pay the concessionary rate. No proof is required or questions asked. The concessionary rate is provided to give as many people as possible an opportunity to experience London tantra, regardless of income. Contact us if you have questions.

Q: What is different or specific about London tantra, as opposed to other teachers or courses?

A: John is one of the most widely acknowledged grandmasters of tantra in European circles. Anne’s experience with everything from experimental theatre, gestalt therapy, Reichian massage, bioenergetics, shamanism, as well as his intensive training in tantra from Margo Anand and others—over 30 years in this type of work—means that he has very rich wells to draw from for his tantric workshops and trainings.

Anne has a very sharp mind to combine all of these elements for an incredibly insightful and customised tantric experience.

Most of the participants in Anne’s trainings come from recommendations from former participants. The excitement of his students and the life changes they experience speak for themselves.

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