Understanding Positive Negative Energy with Sensual Massage

From an holistic point of view, There is not such a thing as positive or negative energy on a natural state, there is only energy but, as anything that is meant to be in constant movement and regeneration, when energy stagnates, the consequences are negative.

understand the sensuall massage energyJust as happens with water, a healthy energy is the one flowing and constantly transforming, benefiting not only the individual but all around him. life in general becomes more pleasant which does not mean that we will not have setbacks, of course we will, but we will face them calmly, without suffering.

Massage therapist deals with this on a regular bases, It is part of our job to help renovate energies and eliminate blockages in order to keep energies flowing but, we must balance those as well as an excess will damage as much as a deficit.

We use diverse methods such as channeling external energies as in Reiki, exchanging our energy with yours in order to help you eliminate blockages, catalysis through our chakras as in tantra etc depending on the training and experience of your therapist, she will use one method or a combination of more than one.

There are many massage genres in the world, different kind of sensual massage sessions will give you different kind of energies along with different experiences… A sensual massage on a regular bases, helps to keep a healthy energy balance and a positive attitude toward life addressing the situations we come across as part of our learning from our center where is our strength.

The traditional Oriental + Tantra + The complete body to body exercise + The Art of the sensual.

= The erotic experience with the enchantment of Tantra and Taoist secrets.

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