If you are in London, you may have heard a lot about Soapy Massage (aka Soapland Massage. ) You must thank Thailand the country from where it has originated. Thailand, the moment you hear someone is visiting, the first and foremost thing that clicks is “Soapy Massage and Soapland Massage”. In other others Thailand can be called a country which has patent to this massage as Soapy Massage and Soapland Massage are major tourist attraction.

soapy massage
busty girl with soapy on her breast

Lather of Soap as the name suggests is used by the masseuse or masseur to cover the client body and then perform the said massage. The underlined part is masseuse or masseur baths with the client. It may be considered not right socially in our country but in Thailand it’s a legal practice as its bit beyond just a massage. Various spas and parlors offer this service. You can find a lot options from where to get it done. The internet can be checked for the spas in Bangkok and Thailand for the Soapy Massage.

This massage improves like other kinds of body massages, your blood circulation, you get relaxed (like in any other massage) but here it’s done mostly for pleasure. Since it’s a very sensual massage, so privacy of the client is kept on high priority like any massage parlor would.

For Soapy massage, you may be provided an option to pick the masseuse or masseur of your own choice. Since you are spending the money, you would like to get the best value and it’s a experience worth the money spent.

During the Massage, the clients relax on waterbed mattress and oils and /or lubricants applied on the entire body massaged by the masseuse. These are more popular in the Japanese region, where in the ladies performing the massage are often from the sex trade industry. It’s similar to the old process of a female bathing a male companion and relaxing him.

Soapy massage is very popular in the heart of London. When you go for a spa which offers soapy massage, you can experience the magic of it. During the session: You are covered all over the body with foam & water. The masseuse or masseur massages with the soap bubbles that are covering your body. Imagine the sweet aroma of hygiene that one gets from soap and someone relaxing you. The girls in sex trade have added this to their forte and providing a heavenly, sensual, erotic pleasure worth the money spent to the clients. A pure tantalizing experience isn’t it.?

It is NOT a regular massage, Please do note that a lot of spas / massage parlor in London claim that they have ‘soapy massage’ but they don’t, because to provide a soapy massage, the therapist need trained specially for it, and the parlour needs a bathtub, massage bed and some other facilities.

As far as I know, You may Find certified soapy massage providers in London massage book.

Five Massages for rejuvenation

Massage rejuvenates not only your entire body but relaxes you mentally too. There is invigorating type of massage like Tantric massage, Asian Massage, Lingam massage, Nuru massage, body rub done these days.  All these types of Massage are not only highly comforting but energizing too.

5 best massage type in UK.

You may go for any one of these massage in London, pick a nice massage salon and ask for a rejuvenation experience!

Tantric massage: Talking about Tantric massage as name suggests you may comprehend it invokes your entire self. It’s an erotic massage, given by with skilled masseuses. You may label it as really divine and sensual after experiencing it. It is also a traditionally energizing massage to increase sexual energy .

Asian Massage, is as name is suggesting a massage done tradionally in the Asian region. It is further subdivided into various forms like the Thai quite popular, shiatsu- a Japanese form, Chinese tui-na, a very forceful and hard massage. Read more about the session.

Lingam Massage, you can very well get the meaning on reading the name itself it. To put in easy words it may be dubbed under the tantric Yoni Massage both for man and women. LINGAM massage for men is a divine emotionally healing massage. Opening all the energy channels of the body and relaxing it highly in the physical manner.

Nuru Massage , as name suggests originates from the seaweed gel i.e. the Nuru gel used in this massage. The body is rubbed with this cool seaweed gel and the masseuse will slide giving you a, body to body, sensual massage.  Highly popular in London massage parlors.

Read more about nuru massage session at Anne’s  London Massage

Body rub (in London most salon called it a body to body massage , rub & tug or full body massage) is again an erotic kind of massage given. Various types of oils, lotions are used by expert masseuses giving you a tranquil experience. More about : London body to body massage

Now you know which massage you wish to pick from the ones mentioned above. Therapeutic  ones, are very beneficial and healing. At times one is under lot of physical and mental stress. The massages relax the muscles and body gets all the rest it deserves which no pill can provide. Its serves as a tonic for the skin and  aids in blood circulation, your backache or body ache goes for a six. More so it burns your calories, energizing you . An advice if suffering from some medical condition, please consult your doctor before running to get one of the above mentioned massage and also inform the one doing it for you.

If one can afford, it than no harm in going for all the above!!!