My finding with practicing Tantra arts over years

After my years practicing as a tantric massage goddess in massage parlour and engaging in the Tantric Arts, it became evident that every individual contacting me had the same things to say, such as:

  • My family demands too much of my time
  • My spouse/significant other/marriage has become very routine in all ways
  • I don’t ever get caressed, touched or stimulated
  • I don’t ever feel loved
  • My sex life with my partner has diminished
  • Everyone, including my children, needs me at a moments notice
  • My hudband/wife wants instant sex gratification when it is convenient for them, not
  • at my convenience
  • My spouse feels I should be able to get aroused instantly and to be able to accept his
  • or her advances
  • I am always expected to appreciate quick sex with no foreplay
  • I am never stimulated enough, if at all…to actually enjoy our activities
  • From my children to my spouse/significant other, I am expected to do everything,
  • and nothing is ever done for me
  • My children demand things and I feel very closed in
  • My husband/wife is demanding and never takes my feelings into account
  • I constantly am being pushed into a corner

and so on….

Your Sensual Self

People as a general rule, are always on the go and are constantly being hurried and expected to chase for perfection, whether it be on the job or at home. But the question still remains in our minds…”what about me?” What about the essentials which are so far gone and lacking?

Unfortunately, what is left are empty feelings, broken marriages, broken people, mental and physical burn out, loss of self esteem and a significant increase in inner emptiness. Basically we have become scorched beings and the vague longing for the phrase “…there should be something more for me” still exists. Sexuality eventually depraves to a product only to be consumed.

Maybe in past cultures and times, this was expected and an every day ‘way of life.’ People were expected to live with these various situations…the good old saying “…you’ve made your bed…” This scenario was typical to most, and we were expected to deal with it as if it were simply a part of our daily routine. Most people do not like change and are too afraid to try to rectify it. They know that the phrase “…the grass is always greener,” but change poses fear of the unknown…instead of trying or experimenting with the alternative, they choose to sit back and say “…I will just have to accept this the way it is.” This is not the case years later, in our modern world.

If this sounds like a situation you are currently in…if you can totally relate to these feelings and words…if you feel very ‘moved’ and motivated…if I have struck a chord with you…then I would love to meet with you for an extraordinary session

The traditional Oriental + Tantra + The complete body to body exercise + The Art of the sensual.

= The erotic experience with the enchantment of Tantra and Taoist secrets.

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