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Why Sensual Massage is so pleasurable

I’ve been in sensual massage business for many years, never thought about the essense of this kind of massages. I had a business trip to Sydney last week, and I have exprienced a nice nude massage with Secret massage in Sydney , quite enjoyable and when I enjoy the service this question just came into my mind: Why Sensual Massage is so pleasurable? Is that just because sexual energy or there is something else? Few experiences pierce the deepest recesses of your senses as intensely as the sensual, satiating warmth of a goddess’ body caressing yours.

Every hair on the back of your neck stands firm, electrified by the sensation. Every pigment stirs with excitement, trembling as it surrenders to total satisfaction. Even the most talkative are silenced in an instant.

Why so pleasurable – how can mere touch penetrate the recesses of your nerves, find the buttons buried deep within them and press them with such force that they release a wave of satisfaction that threatens to overwhelm you?

Perhaps it is the sheer openness of the celestial creature leaning over you, her inhibitions cast aside as she reveals a naked, flawless bosom, the epitome of excellence at its most seductively vulnerable. A primitive instinct calmed and tamed. But it is not calm alone you seek, but excitement, and it is not vulnerability you receive, but dominance. For this specimen of seduction that rolls so sensuously over you is not a defenceless soul but a powerful deity, driven by unbridled trust, guided by a knowledge of your body that you could only wish to attain. When commanding authority meets breathtaking bliss, all you have to do is submit to her will and the key to infinite pleasure is in your hands.

So wear your self-consciousness lightly, for all shyness and reticence have a shelf-life that will soon end. All anxiety, all stress, all the burdens of modern life are merely natural reactions, as expendable and temporary as any passing thought. The firm touch of a woman’s hands – which you are now eagerly imagining – sends feelings of companionship and comfort through your veins. For all the pleasure she gives, she will take away just as much fear and let it disintegrate before your very eyes.

The benefits of naked touch? Don’t ask, experience. Let sensual massage help the world melt away, leaving nothing but heaven in its wake.

Tantric: I Know Who I am and I Know What I Want

How does that sound to you? Do you have that much clarity in you?

It has been a long time since I last wrote. I have not forgotten about writing nor have I stopped processing, but life events took a toll on my energy and I had to drop many things, writing being one of them.

A while ago I took part in a men’s workshop by Taki’h at Tampere. It was a workshop about Dark and Light Masculine. I’ve had mixed feelings about the men’s groups and workshops. I have tried to find experiences that better suit me and some have, but no workshop has been able to deliver insight and value like this workshop by Taki’h.

Taki’h is a warm and sweet, small woman. You may wonder: How on earth is she teaching a workshop for men? Well, it’s not about gender, size, or physicality. Masculinity is more about the inner qualities and inner processes than any outer expression or action.

The work Taki’h offered us during this weekend intensive is called The Cross. It’s based on Taki’h’s extensive experience in teaching groups and living out her philosophy. The idea of the Cross comes from Bruce Lyon. It includes the Light and Dark Feminine as well, and all these qualities are – or could be – alive in each of us. When we have access to all four quadrants, we can experience more freedom and harmony in our lives.

In this article, I will focus on the Dark Masculine, as the greatest insights I got from the workshop were about the “darker” side of masculinity.

What is Dark Masculine?

The idea of a dark something can bring a negative connotation. To define Dark Masculinity, however, you would instead use words like clarity, presence, focus, owning your “stuff”, taking responsibility. It’s earthy, bodily, matter and form. Taki’h calls the distortions in these realms Shadows. Shadows are things kept hidden and secret from others and even from oneself, consciously and unconsciously. Also, the distinction was made between Dark and Evil. Evil seeks to destroy intentionally, whereas Dark will let go of what needs to go.

I was attracted to this workshop for many reasons. First, as I already mentioned: I haven’t been able to find men’s work that would resonate with me and I trusted that Taki’h could deliver something I like. The second reason was that I didn’t quite know what the Dark Masculine would be, or how it would relate to the Light Masculine, which I better understood. Third, I have wanted to find brothers and brotherhood, some men to connect with, consciously.

For me, it has always been easier to access the Light, expansion, through meditation and other practices I have done in my life. Thus far it has been more difficult to access the raw, the animal side of me. Somehow I thought, self-righteously, that the Light is better than the Dark. And it had cost me. To be able to live my life in Freedom, I would need to incorporate both the Light and Dark.

It feels to me that the healthy Dark Masculine as it is described here is often misunderstood and maybe even feared. Masculinity is often seen for it’s negative, or shadow sides, without understanding that there’s a healthy side to it as well. Healthy masculinity doesn’t need to exploit or dominate in order to prove something. Abuse of power is not healthy, while consent is very much part of the Dark Masculinity.

My Experience

In the beginning of the workshop, I thought I didn’t have a connection to the Dark Masculinity at all. It was very insightful to find out about the healthy and unhealthy sides of both Light and Dark Masculine. When we went through the list of unhealthy traits of Dark Masculinity, it really struck me. How unfair I have been, how much bullshit I have poured out, especially in my close relationships with women. I felt ashamed that my connection to and the expression of the Dark Masculinity has been mostly on the unhealthy, on the shadow side of it.

Even if I know that I don’t always behave in an appropriate manner, I haven’t been able to change it. I didn’t quite understand where it was coming from. I have been reactive and even arrogant, and definitely verbally attacking without knowing why. I’ve been blaming the other, when in fact, it’s all about me anyway. Now that I know where this shady behaviour is coming from, it immediately started to loosen its grip. Most likely it won’t be an overnight miracle change even if it feels like it at the moment. To grow it needs to be nourished and practiced in real life and in real situations.

It really felt like this work offered a real and long-lasting solution to a puzzle where the pieces haven’t fit quite right. I felt the change immediately as we practiced being in the states of the Light Masculine and Dark Masculine. It felt very good to be able to recognize and call forth the Dark, strong quality in me, and to be able to bring it out.

It amazes me how subtle Takih’s work actually is, in outward terms, but how profound an effect it can have. She uses simple practices alone and with others, deep reflection and feeling emotions to bring about change. A few of the brothers who attended this workshop defined it as life-changing, and I agree with that bold statement as well. I was able to meet my partner from a completely new place that was wonderful and loving for both of us.

The Light Masculine in me was able to access my purpose and mission in this life, and the Dark Masculine force can be used to materialize it in this world.

My desire for the immediate future is to be able to access the Dark Masculine when necessary and needed and to stand in my own power.

I know who I am, and I know what I want.

And I want to explore the work further. This was just a beginning. So I signed up for Takih’s retreat in Egypt in December. It’s actually a three week long journey, but because of other commitments, I will be able to attend only the first week. I’m hoping to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of these energies or aspects of ourselves.

I want to bring this into my life, so that it’s easier to live a fulfilling life and be able to appreciate our fellow travellers and especially I want to bring this powerful and alive dynamic to my intimate relationship.

How getting Body Rubs benefits your health

Today’s society is almost fanatical in it’s search for a quick fix. When we have a health problem we go to a drug store or doctor and ask for the pill that will fix it, and they are usually quick to oblige. We can pop a pill for complaints from a headache to high blood pressure to skin rashes and muscle complaints. It’s fantastic that we live in an age we can do this, suppress a problem and get on with what life is all about – working.

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Understanding Positive Negative Energy with Sensual Massage

From an holistic point of view, There is not such a thing as positive or negative energy on a natural state, there is only energy but, as anything that is meant to be in constant movement and regeneration, when energy stagnates, the consequences are negative.

understand the sensuall massage energyJust as happens with water, a healthy energy is the one flowing and constantly transforming, benefiting not only the individual but all around him. life in general becomes more pleasant which does not mean that we will not have setbacks, of course we will, but we will face them calmly, without suffering.

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Relax with an Taoist Asian Massage

A sensual massage is a great way to relax and calm down after a hard day’s work. Anne Tantric Massage use unique, erotic and sensual massage strokes to create maximum satisfaction. Such strokes are intended to treat, cure, nurture and stimulate your inner self. Sexy taoist Asian massage at Anne’s London Massage Parlour is a specialist massage that can engage all your senses and give you an experience to remember.

We offer this Asian massage service at our massage parlour which is located on the baker street, London NW1. Please feel free to visit our baker street massage parlour to see our masseuse and get the hot massage treatment you will remember for a long time.

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Another 5 tips for guys new to Erotic Massage


Inspired by a post from the FBSM London : Tips for Erotic Massage first-timer: What you should Do During a FBSM, I wrote another 5 tips for clients new to erotic massage (as well as some frequent visitors) .

#1 Respect Her Boundaries

How to treat your masseuseYou want to show your sensual massage therapist respect, and this means respecting her boundaries. Boundaries for sensual massage providers can vary, which means don’t assume… ask before you touch her.  Also, don’t just assume that you can kiss her without giving her some kind of warning. It’s called “Kiss rape” today and you don’t want to be labeled a kiss rapist, do you?

Make sure you’ve done research on the different London sensual massage therapists available for your area, and know what limits she has and respect those limits.



#2 Ask Questions, Just Not Too Many Personal Ones

Your massage therapist is likely to ask questions about your life – what kind of work are you involved in, where you’re coming from, etc. All too often though clients think this gives them free reign to ask the massage therapist personal details about herself.  Some may be fine answering them while others don’t like this. If your sensual massage therapist doesn’t want to answer, don’t probe them for the answer. Respect her wishes and leave it be. If you keep pressing the issue, she’s liable to become annoyed and start lying to you to protect herself.

Remember, respect! You have to give it to earn it. She may open up in later sessions, but, at the start, let it go if she doesn’t willingly share it when you first ask.


#3 Let The Extras Happen As They Come, Don’t Just Ask For Them Outright.

When it comes to extra services in your sensual massage, this can be a slippery slope. Remember, it’s in a grey zone in UK to ask for a sexual act in return for money. There are some FBSM providers that will provide these extra services, but that depends on a few things.  Consider their advertisements and how it’s worded. You may learn what the boundaries are.

Remember, though, it’s not included in the London erotic massage services, and if you want this type of service, you need to go with an escort service. This is what their business was designed for.

#4 Leave Your Worries and Troubles Stay Outside

The last thing you need to be doing is thinking about the things you have to do – work, clean house, take care of kids, etc. You also want to keep yourself turned off or, vibrate or silent. An erotic massage is time for yourself, so make use of it.  Your therapist won’t have her phone turned on either, and there should be no distractions at all. Everything about the outside world can wait for the 30 to 60 minutes.

Don’t cheat yourself by thinking about issues you face every day.  Think about what’s going on in the here and now, and feel the touch your provider is giving. In the end, the whole massage therapy experience will be effective.

#5 Remember To Give Her A Tip

If you like her and her service, be sure you tip her well. If she thinks you’re a penny-pincher, she may decide she’s not “available” for when you want to see her next. Tipping is also ideal for reasonable rates. If you enjoyed the service and didn’t feel like you paid enough, let her know by giving her a tip.

Tipping is also important if she went above and beyond her normal massage routine.  Remember, this was a business transaction for her, and she gave you a special service. Let her know you thank her for her time and service by rewarding her.

You’ll thank yourself later for it. And, she’s liable to remember you for it.

This article is published on London Massage Book.

Massage In London – Advice For New Masseuses

If I could offer advice to other ladies in London interested in becoming a masseuse, it would be to feel comfortable with their personal image. If a masseuse is not comfortable with her outward beauty, their nervousness becomes apparent. A masseuse must relax completely in order to provide a relaxing Asian massage.

For me, what makes the experience so phenomenal is taking all of my positive energy and putting it into the massage. I enjoy spreading that beauty and positivity to others. The clients love my positive, outgoing attitude, which is why so many of them call and request me over and over again.

The first time I performed a massage I was very nervous. I did not know how my body was going to react once the client and I were undressed. I remember when the client actually did his best to soothe my nerves rather than it being the other way around. That comforting feeling washed over me and made me realize that it would all be okay.

From that day on, I have taken that comforting feeling and put it forward in all of my massage experiences. My relaxation promotes a sense of relaxation for my clients, which makes it wonderful for both of us.

Yet another piece of advice I can provide is that the body-body massage is similar to an art form. You are using your body and the skill of your hands to provide pleasure to others. Your body is an art form that must be enjoyed. You must love yourself and what you do for others in order for it to bring satisfaction to your clients. I discovered this to be true within the first week of working as a masseuse. A good masseuse is familiar with the body and learns how to appreciate it and make it feel better.

I have learned to appreciate the body in many forms. There is something beautiful about the human body no matter what shape or form it comes in. Just the right touch can ease a person’s tension within minutes. I can actually feel the tension drain from their muscles as the relaxation takes over. It is a beautiful feeling. There are still many things that I continue to learn when I perform my job as a masseuse but I can offer these few pieces of advice out of the experience that I have already managed to gain.

Oh yeah, and most important, always bring unscented massage oil with you, do not smoke and be very modest with perfumes.

by Anne 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is tantra?

A: This question has a different answer for every person. Some say tantra is the conscious study and application of sexuality. Some call it an ancient set of religious practices. Others consider it a method of gaining knowledge about the self and improving personal power to happiness. For Anne’s complete answer to the question, click here: What is Tantra?

Q: Why should one participate in tantra? What can tantra offer me?

A: Tantra provides an experiential (as opposed to a theoretical) model for gaining insight about the self, the other, emotion, life, and sexuality. For an article about Anne about this question, click here: Why Tantra?

Q: I don’t have much experience with tantra. What happens at a tantra workshop?

A: At London Tantric Massage workshops, you have the opportunity to learn not through listening to lectures or reading, but by experiencing the dance of your energy and consciousness. To do this, sometimes you dance, sometimes you sit peacefully and meditate. Sometimes you scream and shout. Energy has many forms, none of which are “good or bad” of themselves. Tantra is about exploring many forms so you can choose the ones you wish to integrate into your life.

Q: Do I have to take my clothes off?

A: Generally, no nudity is expected or occurs during any of Anne’s introductory workshops. In deeper work, a general innocence about and connection and understanding to the body is fostered and this can mean that certain exercises can more directly connect to the body and sexuality.

Q: I don’t want to work with any weirdos. Is this a safe space for me?

A: Anne works to keep the space safe for everyone. Every exercise is explained in detail in advance. If any exercise makes you uncomfortable in any way, you are not only allowed, but encouraged and expected to speak up, ask questions or express your concerns so that you can fully benefit from the exercise and the workshop. That said, sometimes viewing yourself through the mirror of those to whom you have especially negative feelings initially can provide you with deep healing and understanding.

Q: I just got out of a bad relationship and have a lot of anger/fear/sadness relating to the opposite sex. Is it a good idea for me to participate?

A: Tantra teaches that what happens to you has its source in you. In tantra, you can see how your life patterns and experiences of today are often connected to such key experiences as your birth, your childhood, and your relationship to your parents. If these were traumatic and unhealed, tantra can assist you in understanding and processing these experiences and moving forward with responsibility in your life so that you can create the life you truly desire and deserve.

Q: I am very sensitive about my body. Will anyone be touching me?

A: Tantric Massage involves touch and the body, so some elements of massage or playful touch are parts of some exercises. However, “there are no victims in tantra” as Anne always says. So, your boundaries will never be violated as long as you can stand for yourself by speaking out your feelings and truth if something makes you feel uncomfortable.

Q: I’m no good at sitting in the lotus position, on the floor, or have other physical issues. Can I still participate?

A: Physical limitations are generally not an issue for general participation in tantra. We can make arrangements to almost any special needs. Contact us via mail or phone before registering and we can speak in detail about your needs.

Q: I was sexually, physically, or emotionally abused. OR I am very uncomfortable with my sexuality OR I am not sure about my own feelings, responses, and desires. Should I still participate?

A: London tantric massage is about healing your relationship to yourself, your sexuality, and your body. It can be a very useful adjunct to therapy for life experiences and issues. If you are currently seeing a professional therapist, or undergoing medical treatment for mental or emotional issues, discuss participation in the workshop with your trusted therapist and with Anne before registering.

Q: I have special dietary/lodging requirements. Can these be addressed?

A: In all but the most extreme of cases, of course. Contact us to discuss these.

Q: Who qualifies for the concessionary rate?

A: Students, single parents, people with low incomes and those who feel for any reason as if they would like to pay the concessionary rate. No proof is required or questions asked. The concessionary rate is provided to give as many people as possible an opportunity to experience London tantra, regardless of income. Contact us if you have questions.

Q: What is different or specific about London tantra, as opposed to other teachers or courses?

A: John is one of the most widely acknowledged grandmasters of tantra in European circles. Anne’s experience with everything from experimental theatre, gestalt therapy, Reichian massage, bioenergetics, shamanism, as well as his intensive training in tantra from Margo Anand and others—over 30 years in this type of work—means that he has very rich wells to draw from for his tantric workshops and trainings.

Anne has a very sharp mind to combine all of these elements for an incredibly insightful and customised tantric experience.

Most of the participants in Anne’s trainings come from recommendations from former participants. The excitement of his students and the life changes they experience speak for themselves.

Please help us!

What is your biggest question about tantra? Enter in our contact form and click “Submit”. Thank you for helping us to expand our list of useful questions and answers!


Orgasm in Massage

Tantric massage. It’s good for the soul, the body, and the mind. It leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, as well as full of positive energy. The goal of a tantric massage is to awaken and unblock energy in the body, to get it flowing throughout the body. One type of energy that a tantric massage focuses on is sexual energy. Since sexual energy is freely flowing throughout the body, the only natural response to all of this free flowing, unblocked energy is an orgasm. While an orgasm is not the main outcome of a tantric massage, they happen and are known to be some of the best, whole body, orgasms a person can have.

Orgasm in The Massage

A tantric massage starts off as a whole body massage. Your goddess is young and attractive. Usually both the client and the masseuse are scantly clad, with the least amount of clothing as possible. There is soothing, low volume music playing, comfortable beds and towels to lay on, along with being in a warm, but not overly hot room. The masseuse uses a warm to the touch, body oil and warm towels, while gently, but deeply, massaging your body. The massage goes from head to toe, including the genitals, creating the perfect scenario for a full body orgasm.

Man Orgasm with Massage

While an orgasm is not the purpose of a tantric massage, it can happen during any point of a tantric massage session. Most tantric massage sessions can anywhere between one and three hours at average, however, they can be shorter and can be longer, all depending on personal needs and wants.  Since the amount of time for a tantric massage can vary, a person can have more than one full body orgasm in one session, although not common, but, it is all quite possible.

Like mentioned above, a full body orgasm can very much happen during a tantric massage. A full body orgasm is different than most orgasms people are used to. Most people are accustomed to a localized, purely sexual orgasm. While that can happen during some sensual massages, that is not the case for most people who have tantric massage orgasms. A tantric massage orgasm is full body, and comes from most from energy, rather than touch. As the masseuse opens up pathways within the body, the energy within us, begins to move more freely, which clears the mind and body, which ultimately helps people completely relax. That relaxed state, along with the intimate touch of the massage, produces a very powerful orgasm. This orgasm looks similar to a physical orgasm, but it is brought upon in a different manner.  However, just because this type of orgasm is different, it still feels the same, maybe even a little bit better, than a typical orgasm that people are used to having.

A tantric massage is special, sensual, and not only helps people relax, it also helps with sexual stamina, opening up energy pathways, and producing better orgasms. Tantric massages should be had by everyone looking to explore a more intimate side of themselves. Even if an orgasm is not had, a tantric massage will be worth the time.